PAPA: Ain’t It So (video)


“And like a song, she’s here and gone.”

That’s one of my favorite lines from “Ain’t It So,” the leadoff track from A Good Woman is Hard to Find, the debut EP by PAPA (previously raved about here). But breaking down Darren Weiss’ lyrics is a tough chore – you have to get past the insanely catchy hooks first to even want to do that.

Weiss told Nylon magazine of “Ain’t It So”: “Well, it’s a song about letting go of someone I feel like I probably should’ve married instead. It’s a real honest song about that feeling.”

Seems straightforward enough, though I’m not sure I have the interpretive intuition to make sense of the song’s new video, in which Weiss, clad in a pink suit, is driven around (along with an oversized teddy bear) by PAPA bassist/cabbie Daniel Presant. Along the circuitous route, Weiss stops to pick up a dog and tries to play catch with some Little Leaguers, but nobody seems to be paying attention to him. Maybe we’re riding shotgun, looking at a man taking inventory on his life. Or maybe not …

PAPA was scheduled to record new material last month, so there could be a release by the end of the year. In the meantime, you should really pick up that EP.

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