Pearl Jam and Ben Bridwell: Hunger Strike

I’ve been transported to freshman year of high school. Honestly, that might be the last time I’ve listened to the self-titled Temple of the Dog album – but I listened to it a lot. In fact, I continually pushed it on this one girl, who 13 years later would become my wife. Crazy how that works.

So Friday night at Madison Square Garden in New York, Pearl Jam invites Ben Bridwell, whose Band of Horses opened the show, to play the part of (a less shrilly) Chris Cornell in a live revival of Hunger Strike.

What a great moment – sincere and free of pretension. Bridwell continues to be one of just the seemingly coolest and most endearing dudes in rock. Witness his parting line to the crowd after an “adorable” (my wife’s word) hug with Eddie Vedder: “Pearl Jam’s the best band!”

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