Royal Rhino Flying compilation: The Queen’s Jew


I’ve been a fan of electronic/hip-hop duo Meanest Man Contest since our friend Hunter at Gold Robot Records introduced me to them way back when with the Throwing Away Broken Electronics 7-inch. You’ve probably come across a post or two on them at some point on this site.

Well, I’m adding one to the collection thanks to a new MMC song on this free Royal Rhino Flying compilation, The Queen’s Jew. I’ll fess up and admit I’ve not heard much by any of the other groups on the 23-track comp – though GOBBLE GOBBLE’s contribution recently got some love from Stereogum. But what better way to explore new music than with the cost of free?

On You Need to Grow Up, MMC’s Eriksolo trades verses with guest Mad Squirrel (best emcee name ever?) over a buttery piano loop about the joys of being a grown-ass man in the game: “They call me silver fox / I’m the rap George Clooney.” It’s a playful dis track that all those “whipper-snapper rappers” should pay heed to.

2 thoughts on “Royal Rhino Flying compilation: The Queen’s Jew”

  1. mad squirrel is the worst rapper i have ever heard in my long life. i cannot believe he has the audacity to lecture rappers about rapping. his message here seems to be that wasting fifteen or so years rapping very, very poorly is, against all odds, a badge of honor. the man cannot even pronounce words properly. eric solo, on the other hand, is pretty dope.

  2. i assume mad squirrel is the first guy (judging from the previous comment)? unorthodox voice! fun song. cheers.

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