Plastic Little: “The Jump Off”

What does it say about the state of hip-hop when this jam by Philly-based Plastic Little – which clearly doesn’t take itself very seriously – is so much better than most of your mainstream hip-hop out there?

It’s a rhetorical question, I suppose. I’m not here to debate the direction of hip-hop. But it’s joints like this that give me hope. Think Pharcyde, circa Bizarre Ride. The Jump Off drips with irony and humor, not to mention one hell of a fresh beat.

Seriously, what’s the jump off?: “You’re dad’s in the Russian mafia? That’s the jump off!”

Vinyl junkies can pick up the 12″, which features Spank Rock and Diplo, here. You can also pre-order the full-length She’s Mature at the same spot.

Plastic Little | The Jump Off
[mov] The Jump Off video.

Speaking of Spank Rock, Ninja Tune is offering a free download of Rick Rubin here (make sure your browser allows a pop-up window). It’s off the new LP YoYoYoYoYo.

You can stream the video, too.

Spank Rock on KEXP.
Spank Rock Sweet Talk w/remixes.

5 thoughts on “Plastic Little: “The Jump Off””

  1. Rick Rubin is the jam. Did you see that Call Me Mickey posted a Little People track as well a week or so ago?

  2. yeah plastic little is the ish. so glad im from philly so i get to see these guys both playing shows but also chillin in the clubs quite a bit

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