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Last night my wife and I went out for a couple (OK, a few) drinks — hangover today (thanks, Angel) — with a great group of people and the conversation instantly turned to music. Many questions were posed that I felt should be shared here.

1) If you could have one band reunite which would it be? (And it can be from a particular time period, too, like “New Kids on the Block from the Hangin’ Tough years.”). My answer was A Tribe Called Quest (see previous post).

2) What song, even though you like it, can you never listen to, like, for example, when it comes on the radio? My answer: Jeremy by Pearl Jam or just about anything off Ten, which plays off my theory that I actually derive more pleasure listening to Vs. because it hasn’t been so overdone. (Also, Smells Like Teen Spirit, just about anything by Soundgarden off Superunknown and Brass Monkey by Beastie Boys.)

3) On the flipside, what song would you NEVER get tired of? I still have yet to answer this one.

Thoughts ???

One thought on “Questions …”

  1. No contest. Let’s get the Kinks back together for the “State of Confusion” years. All the boyfriends used to call.

    And I could never tire of “Psycho Killer” no matter how many times it comes up on the radio. Once thought I’d say that about Modest Mouse’s “Float On” but alas, now it kind of makes me want to fiddle with the dial.

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