Quick update: Mac on the mend

I had to (gulp) leave the eMac with the Apple store for its “kernel panics.” They’re telling me it could be a simple as a new logic board, in which case I’d get it back in one or two days, or it could be something else, which could delay the process by a week. That would depress me greatly.

I felt like I was dropping my child (if I had a child) off for the summer at camp or something. Poor little guy. Hope they’re treating him well.

That said, I’m doing this from work, which likely will get me fired in no time. Until I get my computer back (or until I buy one of these, which might be sooner than I think), Chris is going to drop in and keep things running around here. So major thanks to him.

Hopefully, I’ll have the ol’ computer back in time to record this.

5 thoughts on “Quick update: Mac on the mend”

  1. Hello everyone,

    this is Royce, the sometime (hardly) contributor to somuchsilence.

    I have been traveling around Europe and would like to report on seeing SpankRock at Fabric in Londontown.

    Whatever you may think of their music, if they roll through, check them out. Spank Rock(s) and bops, dancing like man possessed to the big beats from Armani XXXchange, Christopher Rockswell, Ronnie Darko. It was a fine show.

    They opened up for DJ Yoda and the Scratch Perverts (and that was just in one room! Just another friday night I guess)

    Okay, I have to get the move on, try to post longer later (logging into blogger and whatnot)

    Everyone tell Kevin to upgrade to a g5, that emac is dead as disco!

  2. You lucky SOB Royce. Wish I could have been there to check that out.

    Good luck with the recovery Kev. Peace. K.

  3. Kevin,
    I FEEL YOUR AGONY. My computer’s soundcard has been intermittently fuzzy for months and months. Dell even sent me the box to return it to them for warranty-repair. But I just couldn’t do it. I was afraid I’d get the shakes and go into computer withdrawal. Is that bad?!?


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