Remix Week: In praise of Josh Homme

OK. I’m just gonna lay it on the line here: I may have a man-crush on Josh Homme. This will come as a disappointment to my cohort Royce, who recently (and to my disbelief) called Queens of the Stone Age “overrated.” So I socked him. And that was that.

Homme is the architect/singer of Queens, drummer (an average one) for Eagles of Death Metal and an all-around rock star. When I saw Queens in concert last year, I was bowled over. Having been to so many indie shows, where the singers are in a sort of emotional, affected haze, I forgot what a true rock show felt like. There is no namby-pamby, heart-on-the-sleeve, woe-is-I sap. Trust me, I like all that. But Queens? I mean, if I was gonna be in a rock band (hey, I played drums in middle school) … that’s the way to do it. Just rock. What more can you say? As a wise man once said (OK, it was Paul Rodgers and Bad Company), “It’s all part of my rock and roll fantasy.”

It seems Homme is now taking to remix production. And here’s a couple.

U.N.K.L.E. | Eye for an Eye Backwards (Joshua Homme and Alain Johannes remix)
Death from Above 1979 | Black History Month (Josh Homme remix)

Queens of the Stone Age | No One Knows (U.N.K.L.E. remix)

Also …

  • Here’s that trailer for the Bloc Party DVD that’s due out Jan. 17. You can buy it at an indie retailer near you.
  • For anyone in Arizona, Rob Dickinson, former lead singer of The Catherine Wheel, is playing Anderson’s in Scottsdale on Jan. 26 for only 5 freaking dollars. Solo, acoustic, so I hear.
  • I’m worried my Sun Devils will not win a single Pac-10 basketball game this season. The safe guess is that spells the end of Rob Evans’ tenure at ASU.
  • Four days until Panthers at Bears …

6 thoughts on “Remix Week: In praise of Josh Homme”

  1. Wait a minute, did I say, “overrated?” I meant your strangely homoerotic man-crush is underrated on how creepy it is.

  2. Upto12,

    That is something I’ve been meaning to do. I was holding out to see if WOXY would make it available for download, as a few others are. But it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen. Be on the lookout next week.

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