Remix Week: Soul Coughing, circa 1994

Today’s remix selection comes from a choice 12″ promo single I’ve been holding onto for years, just for a special moment like this.

If you’ve listened to any of Mike Doughty’s solo material (buy Haughty Melodic here), it’s pretty apparent he took off in another direction from his Soul Coughing days. And that’s fine, and it probably was a necessary departure for his creative health.

Still, Soul Coughing was it in the ’90s: progressive instrumentally, and scatterbrained but somehow thought-provoking lyrically. Doughty’s role of misunderstood genius played brilliantly off the band’s synth-driven, orchestrated cacophony (did I just use the word “cacophony”?).

Anyway, these remixes of Sugar Free Jazz (original on Ruby Vroom) only expand on the experimental musical leanings of a great (if not overlooked) band of the ’90s.

Soul Coughing | Sugar Free Jazz (Sugar Cane Jungle Mix)*
Soul Coughing | Sugar Free Jazz (Cane Field Mix)**

* – Remixed by Mad Professor and Dougie Digital.
** – Remixed by Mad Professor.

Elsewhere …On Jan. 17, Bloc Party is releasing a DVD, God Bless Bloc Party, which contains a one-hour documentary filmed around the group’s second U.S. tour and live
performance footage from their June 2005 shows at the El Ray Theater
in Los Angeles and July 2005 at a festival in Belfort, France.

Check Vice Records for the latest news. A link for the trailer wasn’t working; hopefully this will be corrected shortly. You might check out Vice’s blog for a Two More Years remix by MSTRKRFT.

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