Remix Week : The Grab bag

The Remix is not necessarily a way to extend single sales. The Remix does not need to out do the original. The Remix, at least the good one, needs only to change the mood of the piece. Whether the mixer makes a jubilant song into a sad one or turns an airy melody into a jump-out-of your-seat-cuz-you-need–to-dance-motherfucker tune, the Remix is its own art form.

When Kevin told me it was remix week I said, “well, I AM a sucker for remixes.” My creeping procrastination caused, like a term paper turned in two days late with the excuse of a dead great aunt, into this last minute hodgepodge of remixes that I dig.


The first chunk of reworking comes from the Mistress of the Remix – Bjork. She must give out vocal tracks to everyone on the hipster mailing list, because the mixes just don’t stop. I’ve chosen three by some of my favorite mix masters.

Mark Bell, her collaborative producer, performance partner and all around electronic wunderkind remixed this track and turned this song into a big, orchestral movie score.

Bjork | Bachelorette (Mark Bell Optimism Remix)

Alec Empire took on Joga and muddied up this love song:

Bjork | Joga (Alec Empire Mix)

Photek puts a light dose of drum n’ bass on this one:

Bjork | I Miss You (Photek mix)


Beth Orton gets the treatment too. Maybe I just have a thing for pretty voiced women getting worked over with strange new beats, I don’t know.

Two mixes of the same song by heavy hitters Roots Manuva and Four Tet:

Beth Orton | Daybreaker (Roots Manuva Remix)

Beth Orton | Daybreaker (Four Tet Remix)


Kings of Convenience, the indie folk-pop duo from Bergen, Norway, never shy away from a good mix, since singer Erland Oye can be found behind the ones and twos from time to time. Another from Four tet:
Kings Of Convenience | The Weight of my Words (Four Tet Remix)

According to BBC’s 1xtra Drum n’ Bass gurus (voted on by the public) this was the D n’ B remix of the year done by the Artists of the Year (GO Pendulum). Who am I to argue.

The Prodigy | Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)


I have to throw this quirky Beastie mix in.

The Beastie Boys | Intergalactic (Fuzzy Logic Remix)


The RZA joins Choco to take on Charlie Parker.

Charlie Parker | Bebop (Choco And RZA Remix)

And finally, yet another an airy voice with Beth Gibbons heading up Portishead. Here’s a ’70’s riff rock remix of the ’94 sex dripping single Glory Box.

Portishead | Glory Box (Toy Box remix)

5 thoughts on “Remix Week : The Grab bag”

  1. Four Tet’s remix of KoC is absolutely exquisite. I’ve loved it much more than the boring original ever since I bought the Versus comp. Great post! And who’s this Royce fella?

  2. Royce is a friend/co-worker who earned a stay of execution from the contributors box with that post … I’ve been urging him to post more, exactly for gems like this!

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