RJD2 as The Insane Warrior: We Are the Doorways


Inspired by a spree of creativity (and a subscription to Netflix), RJD2 released a new album last week under the alias The Insane Warrior.

We Are the Doorways is a 10-track instrumental project that RJ cooked up as an ode to sci-fi/horror films circa 1975-1984. He doesn’t specify exactly which movies sparked this endeavor, but RJ does offer some insight into the process at his website:

“It was really like the perfect antidote to the mentality i take into an rjd2 record; alot of this music is in ways the exact opposite of what i am usually trying to do. (The content of alot of these movies can be really fascinating as well.) So i became obsessed with this stuff for a period, enough so that i ended up making a record that was in a lot of ways an homage to this era of film scoring. It allowed me to escape the baggage that can come along with the continuing of a catalog. And it was FUN. I had a blast making it.”

As you’d expect, RJD2 doles out a dose of hearty drum samples (like on Then You Hear Footsteps below), but he also alters the mood with spaced-out synths throughout. The second half of the eight-minute Black Nectar, which drifts off into a hypnotizing swirl of synths, probably best illustrates the sci-fi sound RJ is going for here.

Overall, it feels a little more tightly focused than the past couple albums under the RJD2 name. And he’s having some fun with it by holding a contest to ask for artistic submissions that complement any of the tracks from We Are the Doorways.

Also, check out the video for The Water Wheel that premiered last week on XLR8R:

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