Yuck: Rubber (live and official video)


I admit: I can sometimes be unfairly discriminatory. Some might say “shallow.” But hey, there are so many bands and so little time, I might not make it past a group’s name.

Then, as in the case of Yuck, that theory can make me feel like a horse’s ass. I’m not sure what I expected from a band called Yuck – some hipster-electro garbage maybe? – but I certainly didn’t expect what I heard on Thursday night at the Rhythm Room: a big wall-of-sound throwback to ’90s shoegaze that had me thinking about Catherine Wheel all over again.

It was the type of floor-shaking first impression that could only be made in a live setting. So in that sense, I’m glad I initially resisted. As noted by Michael Lopez in his show review at the New Times, it was the set closer, Rubber, that obliterated all in its path – a fuzzy seven-minute epic that eventually gets swallowed in an excess of feedback, noise and other assorted distortion.

Big thanks to Henri at SilverPlatter for braving what surely was a deafening experience up front to capture video of the performance (more here):

Rubber also serves as the closer on Yuck’s self-titled album, which comes out Tuesday on Fat Possum. Here is the official video:

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