Rob Dickinson: Lounge Acts (8/16/06)

It’s been well-documented around here (see below) that we’re fans of Rob Dickinson in all his forms: as lead singer of Catherine Wheel or in his recently reincarnated solo life. So an acoustic session for WOXY Lounge Acts was bound to excite us. (By “us” and “we” I mean me. “Us” sounds more fun, like I have a staff working for me. Come on, play along.)

Since his solo debut Fresh Wine for the Horses came out late last year, Dickinson has been on the road, playing mostly acoustic shows. (A live session from New York City is available here on iTunes.) It’s difficult to hear his soaring voice and not get nostalgic for Catherine Wheel, though I’m learning (slowly) to separate the two. In his interview with WOXY, he wouldn’t go so far as to say the group has broken up, but it’s been “parked.” A nice way of saying Catherine Wheel has gone kaput for good. Sigh.

Ah, no sense in crying over spilled milk. But I do reserve the right to say that I think the cover for Fresh Wine is … corny. (I mean, seahorses? Wow.) I can forgive him this.

Get full download (with interview) here.

Rob Dickinson, Lounge Acts, 8/16/06:

1. Oceans
2. My Name is Love
3. Bathe Away
4. Future Boy*
5. Heal

* – Catherine Wheel songs

Rob Dickinson on KCRW
Rob Dickinson, live in Scottsdale Part I
Rob Dickinson, live in Scottsdale Part II
Rob Dickinson on WXPN’s World Cafe
Rob Dickinson on (via Chromewaves)

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