Saturday: SoCo Music Experience in Tempe

For an event sponsored by a liquor company, there’s a surprising dearth of information about Saturday’s SoCo Music Experience floating around the Internets. The SoCo site says the Phoenix (actually, Tempe) event is “coming soon.” Um, yeah, like tomorrow.

Nevertheless, we put together a preview at on three of the artists: Cold War Kids (thanks, Weiss), Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Girl Talk.

It’s an impressive indie lineup (with local bands littered in between) for such a corporate-tized event. Entrance is free and 21 and over (naturally), so I’m curious what the crowd will look like. If SoCo fliered up nearby Arizona State University, like it should have, my guess is we’ll be seeing lots of Hollister shirts and cargo shorts. Set times below.

2 pm: Doors open
2:30-3 pm: TBD
3-4 pm: William Reed
4-4:30 pm: Faucet
4:30-5:30 pm: Architecture in Helsinki (MP3: Heart it Races)
5:30-6 pm: Army of Robots
6:00-7 pm: Sick Puppies
7-7:30 pm: The Loveblisters
7:30-8:30 pm: Girl Talk (MP3: Bounce That)
8:30-9 pm: Awake and Alert
9-10 pm: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (MP3: Over and Over Again (Lost & Found) )
10-10:30 pm: Violet Wild
10:30-11:30 pm: Cold War Kids (MP3: Heavy Boots)

4 thoughts on “Saturday: SoCo Music Experience in Tempe”

  1. went to the SoCo show in philly last year. it was good times – de la soul, bob mould band, and the flaming lips played. mixed crowd – about even splits between fans of the bands, opportunists who showed up ’cause it was free and they needed something to do, and college-age drunks there for the (they wished) free SoCo. de la was disappointing ’cause they spent more time trying (and failing) to hype the crowd than actually playing, bob mould band sounded great despite almost no crowd reaction, and the flaming lips were stellar as usual, but the real highlight was the SoCo girls trying to get the crowd amped up by saying how great SoCo was for putting on the show, and telling the crowd to hold up their drinks. it was a priceless image – half a dozen overpriced SoCo cocktails in a sea of PBR pounders that everybody else snuck in.

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