Sean Szafran

It’s about time I propped up another Phoenix artist, and he’s a great one at that (come on, did you expect anything less?).

Sean Szafran is a longtime — not to mention versatile — player in the Valley’s music scene. His 10-track long player, Stumblefoot of the Century, is Szafran’s debut as a solo act, with the emphasis on solo. He tracked every sound and every instrument you hear throughout the CD.

The results are excellent, specifically the sturdy and rhythmic piano bars (see also, Crimson Hair, Hazel Eyes). Bright melodies are underpinned by lyrics of love and longing. Heartache always feels so much better when it’s enveloped by inspired instrumentation.

Visit Sean at his Web site or at on his My Space page. Buy Stumblefoot here.

Sean Szafran | Jennifer
Sean Szafran | Crimson Hair, Hazel Eyes
Sean Szafran | I Wonder Why

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