Nada Surf on KCRW

Nada Surf made its KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic debut Monday morning. I was looking forward to this set, especially because the band skipped Arizona on its current tour. I’ll forgive them this one time.

Anyway, they played eight songs, pretty much equally split between The Weight is a Gift and Let Go (and, surprisingly, they did NOT play the single Do It Again). They did play Stalemate from High/Low, which I won’t include because Nic Harcourt starts talking over it near the end in a frantic attempt to wrap up the show.

I didn’t think the interview was very probing, although the band did touch on the whole aspect of being judged based on the song Popular.

In a cheap attempt to lure return visitors, I’m splitting the seven tracks into two posts. Enjoy.

Nada Surf | Blizzard of ’77 (on KCRW)
Nada Surf | What is Your Secret (on KCRW)
Nada Surf | Always Love (on KCRW)
Nada Surf | Hi-Speed Soul (on KCRW)

7 thoughts on “Nada Surf on KCRW”

  1. Thanks for posting this. The show was great with the exception of the obnoxious Nic Harcourt interrupting “Hi/Low” which was just plain disrespectful to the musicians. Look for some additional amazing shows with Imogen Heap and The Go team later this week.

  2. since moving to LA 4 years ago, i have come to believe nic harcourt is very overrated. Anyone else feel this way? I know he has a huge group of supporters.

  3. Chris, don’t know the Go Team catalog at all. But I’d be happy to do it. Just gimme a holler.

    Satisfied, in a radio-starved market like Phoenix, Nic Harcourt and his show are pretty amazing. That said, perhaps there’s an air of arrogance? Hard to say. I just appreciate the bands he brings in. No radio station in Phx. can compare.

  4. kevin, you may have touched on something there. perhaps it’s his smugness that sometimes turns me off. that said, i do like a lot of what he plays, but he is touted around town as the second coming.

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