Sept. 17: Jim Adkins + Source Victoria for LLS

As I sit here and sip on a cocktail and think about ways I can change the world around me, some people are, well, actually doing it. Take our friend Karen, who a few months ago told me of her plan to train for an October marathon – that’s 26 miles, people – to raise money as part of the Leukemia and and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. She was fired up, inspired by those close to her who have been affected by these blood cancers, an unfortunate reality that’s touched my own family.

So in her fundraising efforts, Karen has put together what figures to be an incredible night of music and art in charitable environment that should move more of us to reach out. Jim Adkins (frontman for Jimmy Eat World) and Source Victoria are playing not one but two shows on Sept. 17 at Modified. A 5 p.m. show was added after tickets for the 8 p.m. show (obviously) sold out. (I’m pumped to have purchased tickets for both sets.) Remaining tickets ($10) for the early show can be had at TicketWeb or by heading over to Stinkweeds. In addtion, works by local artist Jeremy Yocum will be raffled off to aid the cause.

I can’t say for certain, but I’m willing to guess there will be some collaborating on stage between Adkins and Source Victoria. Just a hunch.

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