Shout Out Louds B-sides

Had I spent more time with the Shout Out Louds’ Howl Howl Gaff Gaff, I’m almost positive it would have vied for a spot in my favorite albums list.

Howl Howl really feels bipolar: at times desperate and longing, other times joyful and confident. The Comeback … oh, what a song. (Oh, crap! I forgot that on my favorite songs list. Damn!) Lead singer Adam (apparently, he has no last name, like one of those Brazilian soccer players) sings with a strained inflection and with this confused-in-love passion that’s earnest and not at all forced.

And the band is from Sweden; aren’t all of the latest and greatest from Sweden? Well, I recently picked up the Very Loud EP, which contains two songs that weren’t released on Howl Howl. If anyone asks (hint, hint) I may be inclined to rip and provide the band’s mini-performance on The Current.

Shout Out Louds | But Then Again No
Shout Out Louds | Wish I Was Dead, Pt. 2
Shout Out Louds | The Comeback

10 thoughts on “Shout Out Louds B-sides”

  1. man, you should definitely post that current session. a friend of mine recommended them to me a few months ago and i love it. i need to spend some more time with the record too tho…

  2. Little by little
    You gonna hear me cry (Hear me cry)
    And I know that it started somewhere
    And I really like it now, Yes I really like it now
    Like it now

    …..especially if you post!

  3. I saw them in Chicago last month–they were very good. Towards the end, when the played Very Loud, the whole crowd was singing along, which was very moving. One of the better shows I’ve been to this year.

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