Shout Out Louds on The Current

By popular demand (OK, like, seven of you, but I was moved by commenter Lori’s request in verse!), here are the three tracks the Shout Out Louds performed on Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current in June.

These versions are pretty much stripped down, acoustic beauty. The version of Shut Your Eyes they said was the “November recording,” so a bit different from the album version, which is uptempo and energetic.

Also of note, the band said The Comeback was the first song they wrote, which makes it all the more impressive.

Shout Out Louds, in-studio on The Current, June 3, 2005:

1. Shut Your Eyes (November recording)
2. Please, Please, Please
3. The Comeback

Question: Anybody have these earphones? I’ve been looking at them for months and I can’t decide if it’s worth the scratch. Those in-ear phones never seem to fit me right, but I hear good things about those suckers.

Roll call:

9 thoughts on “Shout Out Louds on The Current”

  1. I have a pair of Shure E3C, featured lower down on that page. I would say they’re not worth the ‘scratch’. Maybe I’m like you, but I find that no matter how hard I try to wedge them in, I can’t get the promised bass improvement. Same story with the Etymotic ER.6i. You could actually do damage, trying to get them in far enough to hear 80 notes worth of improved sound. Not to mention causing a vacuum and perforated ear-drums trying to get them out (Amazon UK used to have a story about that). Currently I’m grooving to a pair of (white) Sony MDR-EX71. Dunno what they’ll cost you in Dollars.

    Presuming you’re gonna use them with an iPod? Kids here in Denmark wear big, over the head ‘phones. I haven’t ventured outside with mine yet, but my Grado SR80 take some beating here at home.

  2. Species, thanks for the tips. A friend of mine swears by Grados.

    Anon, just three tracks, unfortunately,

    Eric, no worries! Glad to know now.

  3. Thanks so damned much . . . . I was lucky enough to stumble into the Shout Out Louds when they opened for the Futureheads in Boston. It was one of those moments when a crowd is watching a band most have never listened to and don’t expect much, yet as the set progresses you can feel the momentum build, and by the last song you realize that the band is worth it.

  4. my brother has a pair of the earphones. while they are a definite improvement over most ear buds they dont get the quality they claim.

  5. Kevin, what up man. This is my first comment post since the death of VLM. Things are going good here in Wisconsin. Missing the blogs though.

    Keep on truckin’ and see you in the comments.

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