Silversun Pickups: “Well Thought Out Twinkles”

Dangerbird Records is giving us a sneak peek into the upcoming Silversun Pickups full-length debut, Carnavas (due out July 25), which I’m exctitedly hyping to myself as my most-anticipated record of the year.

I’ve posted on Silversun quite a bit (see below) just based on last year’s Pikul EP. (In fact, I think I’ve run out of press photos to use with my posts. Seriously, time for some new pics.)

Anyway, Well Thought Out Twinkles seems to follow the path Silversun laid down on the EP: fuzzy guitars topped by taut drumming and Brian Aubert’s strained and distant vocals.

You want comparisons, don’t you? Well, you’re gonna see Smashing Pumpkins come up quite a bit when you read about Silversun; I bet Silversun is really sick of that. (Or maybe they’re flattered by it.) But I’m going to say that this song reminds me of (gulp) Gwen Mars. Seriously, I don’t mean that in an offensive way because I dug Gwen Mars a little. I mean, they once opened a tour for Catherine Wheel, so they’re good in my book.

But listen to Gwen Mars’ Cosmic Dick (mp3) and tell me if the guitar riffs from Well Thought Out Twinkles don’t bear just a faint resemblance. I’m not suggesting a note-by-note comparison. It’s more about guitar effects: They’re both crunchy/fuzzy/echo-y. There’s just enough distortion to balance the driving melodies.

Silversun Pickups | Well Thought Out Twinkles

Silversun Pickups on KEXP.
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