Source Victoria: Acetylene Torch Song (demo); show tonight

Given my status as an elite blogger brother, I usually get to hear Source Victoria songs before most and in all their iterations. It’s fascinating to be able to follow the evolution of a song – from a rough recorded-at-home demo to a polished final product, with numerous live renditions shaping it along the way. My iTunes library is loaded with ruffs, roughs, demos, rough demos, edits, bad mixes, no-bass mixes, etc. I have about three rough versions of a song called Congratulations, none of which may ever see the light of day – which would be a shame … HINT – but I still relish and listen to all of them.

As the band prepares to head into the studio next week (!) with producer and Grammy-winning engineer Chris Testa, they’re offering a new demo for all our ears, a track called Acetylene Torch Song. Unlike a recently heard demo, Black Luck, Black Label (a song whose finished product I’m really looking forward to), Acetylene Torch Song dials back the intensity, wrapping the warm vocals with just the right touch of instrumentation.

Download it below or listen to it above while watching a collage of photos, carefully crafted by drummer Scott Hessel.

I’m sure the band will be showcasing new material Friday night, when it plays at Teakwoods (28th St. and Indian School in Phoenix) with Kings of Last Call. You should probably go.

Source Victoria | Slowburner (Traindead cover)

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