Incoming: The Besnard Lakes, May 14 (Sail Inn)


I sort of assumed that when I saw The Besnard Lakes play to a disappointingly sparse crowd for the second time in Phoenix in 2007 that it might be the last time we saw the Montreal-based outfit come through town.

I’ve never been more happy to be so wrong.

The group announced a batch of new dates, and it includes stops in Tempe (May 14 at Sail Inn) and Tucson (May 15 at Plush). So not only are they giving Arizona two dates, but they fall on ever-valuable Friday and Saturday nights. There’s really no excuse this time, Phoenix. (Well, unless you’re younger than 21, in which case you won’t be seeing them at either show.)

And besides, the Besnards will be rolling out new material from The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night, which you can pre-order now and receive an instant downloadable copy. (The album is due out March 9 on Jagjaguwar.)

If you missed it last month, here’s the first single from the album, Albatross.

Tickets ($12) for the Sail Inn show go on sale Friday. Check Stateside Presents for more info.

The Soft Province: One Was a Lie (Besnard Lakes side project)
The Besnard Lakes: Albatross
The Besnard Lakes: Devastation (video)

2 thoughts on “Incoming: The Besnard Lakes, May 14 (Sail Inn)”

  1. It is kinda upsetting how very little people go out to shows here. No wonder it took them a couple years to come back here.
    This band is amazing. If only it were all ages because then you could have counted me in. I guess I’ll have to wait another couple of years to see them.

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