Spoon: I Turn My Camera On (first version)

As promised, Spoon continues to offer a bonus download per month – last month was a Cherry Bomb demo – at its Web site.

This month it’s the “first version” – also known as a demo – of I Turn My Camera On. I actually have this on a B-side of the 7-inch single (as you can tell from photo). I’d already done my due diligence and ripped it from the vinyl, but this version offers a little less snap, crackle and pop.

I even scanned the 7-inch cover for you completists out there. Grab the jpeg right here.

  • Spoon | I Turn My Camera On (first version)

2 thoughts on “Spoon: I Turn My Camera On (first version)”

  1. I just got my hands on the 7″ too. And my turntable’s in the mail! Can’t wait to join you with the 45 rips!

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