New Busdriver: Ellen Disingenuous

Good lord. If I could actually process what Busdriver says in his rapid-fire delivery, I might have a better idea of what this new single, Ellen Disingenuous, is about (via Urb Magazine blog; thanks to Chris for pointing it out.).

I actually considered running it through audio software and slowing the tempo to try to write down the lyrics. When I listen to Busdriver I wonder how one discovers he or she has this talent – the ability to not only rap at warp speed but to make sense and make a point at the same time.

We can at least take our time to absorb that awesome cover art.

  • Busdriver | Ellen Disingenuous

3 thoughts on “New Busdriver: Ellen Disingenuous”

  1. yes Busdriver is incredible at what he does! Love the song and hope someone posts some lyrics lolz. I can only catch about 60% of the song.

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