Kidz in the Hall: Drivin Down the Block (El-P remix)

For years now, indie/underground rap fans – and rappers themselves – wouldn’t be caught dead listening to mainstream rap because all they rap about is “guns, cars and bitches.” That was a clear line in the sand. Uh-uh. No way my favorite artist does that. Well, what happens when the indie/underground rappers start rapping about, well, guns, cars and bitches?

Kidz in the Hall, who are playing some dates with El-P and Dizzee Rascal and later hitting the Paid Dues Festival and Rock the Bells tour, have unleashed what should be this year’s summer jam: Drivin Down the Block. I’ll give you one guess what it’s about. And here’s the thing: I love it.

Drivin Down the Block is the new Kick, Push, and Lupe is just skitching on its bumper.

But here’s the question: What makes it OK now to dig a track that celebrates aimless cruising – “got my seat on recline, turn up the Alpine” – when the same track by a mainstream artist would be shunned by the cool kids (no pun intended)? I don’t really have an answer. It’s just a curious phenomenon.

Hey, any track that cites The Low End Theory is A-OK by me: “Drivin’ down the block/ my ‘Low End Theory’ tape in / playing number 6 / ‘Show Business’ is my shit.”

Check the orginal and the remix by El-P, who, in his production and new verses, again shows his uncanny ability to be a funcrusher plus.

  • Kidz in the Hall | Drivin Down the Block
  • Kidz in the Hall | Drivin Down the Block (El-P remix)

And don’t forget the video:

2 thoughts on “Kidz in the Hall: Drivin Down the Block (El-P remix)”

  1. Wow. This song is fire, no doubt. El-P, however, is the only one who seems to get the joke. The hook is a sample from Masta Ace’s “Jeep Ass Nigguh” from his album “Slaughtahouse” which came out in 1993. Do some research and maybe you’ll appreciate why this is all bizarrely ironic.

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