Spoon in VW Green Room


Earlier this year, I posted about Bloc Party performing in the VW Green Room, a smallish, acoustic session that doubles as genius marketing for Volkswagen. (Proud owner of a Mazda 3, in case you were wondering.) The sessions are aired, I assume, on WFNX in New Hampshire.

So if you can just get past the corporateness of the whole thing, it makes for some pretty great music.

Spoon stopped by for a performance a few weeks ago and played three tracks off Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.

  • Spoon | Don’t Make Me a Target (at VW Green Room)
  • Spoon | Black Like Me (at VW Green Room)
  • Spoon | The Underdog (at VW Green Room)

Here’s video of The Underdog, courtesy of WFNX’s YouTube page.

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