Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome!

Kevin’s computer is still in the shop, so hi. My name is Ben and I’ll be your fake-Kevin for the day.

Since Kevvy Kev is feeling helpless without his machine, I kind of feel obligated to drop something ultra-cool on y’all and I think I’ve got just the thing. This band came to me by way of the esteemed music director at Canadian radio station CJSW (who, when he isn’t being lazy also writes with me at the link above, he’s pretty lazy though.) The band is called Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome and they are awesome. Hailing from Calgary, they’re a bunch of kids, literally, hardly out of high school and are often described as “dance rock.” But calling them “dance rock” is pretty weak, because it implies a certain pretentiousness that this band replaces with sarcasm and fun. The opening of their new 7″ opens as one of the band members says “This next song. . .is about freedom” and then launches into a furious 42 second call and response explosion asking “Who ya gonna take to the prom? Sally? Cindy? Becky? Joan?” After each name comes the quick response “NO!” Other songs feature plenty of literary references for the dorks and plenty of fast-paced fun for the kids who just wanna shake it a bit. I should have the 7″ in my hands in a few short days and I can’t wait to here more from these young Canadians. You can buy the 7″ here for a mere $5. I also posted a video of the Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome covering “Love Will Tear Us Apart” over at the normal home of my sporadic writings, Hang On To Your Ego.

Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome | (Who You Gonna Take To The) Prom?
Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome | Dr. Awkward

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