Sunday Grab Bag: Rain, at last!

After 143 days without measurable rainfall – 143 days, people! – it rained all day Saturday in Phoenix and even snowed – SNOWED! – in the far north reaches of the Valley. The rain is supposed to continue today.

I mean, how pathetic is it that it’s so rare we see rain that I’m inspired to create a rain-themed post? You see, we have to live this up, for 100-degree temperatures are fast approaching. Seriously, this is front-page news in Phoenix, top story on the local news. Big, big stuff. While CNN reporters face hurricanes, our intrepid reporters brave almost 2 inches of rain!

On the downside, a local ostrich festival was canceled.

Sunny Day Real Estate | Rain Song
Neko Case | Buckets of Rain (Bob Dylan cover)

(Thanks to Gina for this one!)

Also, I’m watching after Gorilla vs. Bear this week while Chris is at SXSW. So visit me there, too (as if you don’t go there already).

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