Sundays with A Tribe Called Quest: Vol. 6

Strange things have been happening since I started this weekly Tribe routine. First, Lil Wayne is possibly coppin’ an old sample that Tribe used for a remix. Then you’ve got Tribe rehearsing for the Rock the Bells tour.

Now I suppose you’re going to tell me there’s some unreleased version of Scenario floating around out there. Oh … whuh? Really?!

The news of this for any Tribe fan is amazing, considering Scenario was really a flashpoint for the group — they performed it on Arsenio! (Can I get a little for the Dog Pound!)

Seriously, if you wanna talk posse cuts, Scenario blew my mind. A Tribe Called Quest + Leaders of the New School? The possibilities seemed endless – sorry, this was before every friggin’ rap song featured someone. It was exciting to see Tribe share verses with Leaders and vice versa. Then there’s Busta Rhymes – still his best verse ever, just after he teases us in Q-Tip’s spot (“I heard you rushed and rushed and attacked.”).

That makes four versions of the song I have now – including the original and a couple remixes – and supposedly there’s another version. Damn. (I’ve also got the “cassingle.”)

I’m really glad Phife revisited his verse from this unreleased version. “I use nouns, adjectives, pronouns, verbs.” Yeeeeeah. Although, the Koko B. Ware name drop is priceless.

Just for fun, the video (check out the wack Apple IIGS concept here):

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