Menahan Street Band: Make the Road By Walking

I don’t claim to know a ton when it comes to the soul/funk/jazz arena. I leave it for folks like O-Dub, Funky 16 Corners or Scholar at Souled On.

But I know when something moves me … or, more appropriately, makes me move. That’s been the case with the Menahan Street Band, whose forthcoming album, Make the Road By Walking (out Oct. 14), has captured my attention.

Like most people, my introduction came in a somewhat backward manner. The title track to the album is the loop on Jay-Z’s Roc Boys (And the Winner Is …), from the American Gangster soundtrack. Trust me, you’ve heard it. (That’s just one of hip-hop’s many fine attributes – exposing these sometimes-obscure but deserving sampled songs to the masses.)

Some back reading: Tom Brenneck, guitarist for the Dap-Kings and Budos Band, is the man behind Brooklyn’s Menahan Street Band, whose album will be released on his Dunham Records, part of the Daptone family. Also, the album was recorded entirely in analog in his bedroom.

Without getting too much into the X’s and O’s, I’d highly suggest giving this one a listen and checking out the full-length when it becomes available in October.

  • Menahan Street Band | Make the Road By Walking

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