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Oddly enough, I first heard about Kid Static through Whiskerino, a nationwide community of beard-growers of which a couple of my friends were a part. Turns out, the Chicago-bred Kid Static is, too. He even put on a show at their annual gathering in February in Nashville.

Kid Static was kind enough to offer up the 30th installment of I Used to Love H.E.R., a series in which artists/bloggers/writers discuss their most essential or favorite hip-hop albums. Check out Kid Static’s 2008 release In the Meantime, which garnered a 7.1 from Pitchfork.

  • Kid Static | Man Up
  • Mos Def
    Black on Both Sides (Rawkus, 1999)

    I found out about Black on Both Sides in 1999, my junior year of high school, from this kid Ryan who was younger than me but had impeccable music taste. Back then, I was always head deep in some glitchy, stuttery drill n bass track or making some kind of beeping insanity on my computer. I was on my way to Coconuts to pick up Things Fall Apart from The Roots because I felt bad for burning it, and the Slim Shady LP because all my friends had it but me. Since I got back to my room and listened to it that first time, this album has permanently been in my rotation. A lot of people have mixed feelings about Mos Def, especially when he gives ad-libbed, mostly singing performances like he gave at Rock The Bells this year in Chicago. But when he’s on, he’s definitely on and this album is in my mind, his opus.

    Over the years duke has been willing to experiment and go places a lot of rappers who see themselves as rappers won’t go. Mos Def seems to see himself as a musician with more to offer than just words to music. He plays instruments on five of the tracks on the album and his vocals, return to the flavor I personally liked from the days of Black Star. Favorites on the album include Fear Not of Man, New World Water, Mathematics and Ms. Fat Booty.

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  1. i like this concept you have. do you know of the German radio show by the name of “I Still Love HER”? Wanja Lange (pronounced “Vonya”) has an impressive interview list. from Furious Five to Phat Kat. insane.

    New World Water is one of my favorites. Umi Says is another golden nugget.

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