Video: Kidz in the Hall fight in Tempe

You might have heard that hip-hop duo Kidz in the Hall were involved in a fracas in Tempe last week.

The Arizona Republic obtained video of the fight. Embedded below.

UPDATE: A story that accompanies the video says Double O of Kidz in the Hall was arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct. … Eh? Is everyone watching the same video?

From the story: “Double-O (Aguilar) did not fight back,” said Tony Hererra, 40, of Tempe. “He only tried to protect himself. He rolled around and actually had like a crab hold. Never once did he raise his hand to try to hit the bouncer. He was just trying to protect himself, and saying, like, ‘What are you doing?’ “

6 thoughts on “Video: Kidz in the Hall fight in Tempe”

  1. I was there & you all have it wrong. That rapper guy swung a bottle @ a bouncers head & thats what started everything. I saw the whole thing & those bouncers had no idea what that guy was capable of possibly doing. I’m @ Cherry almost every weekend & those bouncers are the sweetest guys & just want to make sure everyone is safe in their club.

  2. Yeah right looks like another persons gonna get rich because some redneck bouncers messed up and that buisness will probably be owned by Double-O in a few months so you should enjoy the new club once he takes over.

    With new bouncers

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  4. Sweet guys? They sucker-punched that guy in the face at least 3 times. You can’t argue with video, lady.

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