Sunny Day Real Estate: Lipton Witch


Not to sound like an old grump, but my days of waking up early, fighting crowds and squatting on achy knees to scour vinyl on Record Store Day are done (and have been for a couple years). I still love the spirit of the day and what it represents, but the inflated secondary market for limited-edition releases has dampened my enthusiasm (but that’s probably a story for a different day).

Needless to say, we didn’t get to Stinkweeds until around noon. In fact, my new Record Store Day goal is to show up as late as possible and see if I can still get what I want. This year I managed to grab a few gems – the Built to Spill reissue of Ultimate Alternative Wavers, the Hamilton Leithauser 7-inch for “Alexandra” and the Frightened Rabbit “Live from Criminal Records” 12-inch.

Of course, I missed out on a couple items I wanted, including the Circa Survive/Sunny Day Real Estate 7-inch split, featuring the first new SDRE song since 2000. But, perhaps predictably, a digital version of the song will be released on April 29 and Circa Survive has posted it to SoundCloud. (Or feel free to pay $30 to $100 on eBay for the actual 7-inch. Yeah, no.)

The song, it appears, came from sessions in 2009, when the band – whose tumultuous past is well-documented – reunited for a tour to support reissues of their first two albums (I was lucky enough to interview SDRE/Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel at the time.)

It’s a shame that the band’s attempts to record an album at that time “fell apart” because “Lipton Witch” is so full and promising, a song that captures what made SDRE great in one glorious moment of reconciliation.

But, alas, this is how it ends.

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