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Nocando and Busdriver are Flash Bang Grenada: In a Perfect World (feat. Open Mike Eagle)


Busdriver, the resident braniac of experimental rap, wrote a tweet the other day that gave me pause: “It’s boggling how much effort goes into any given song that ultimately gets converted into a violently disposable MP3.” It’s a pretty straightforward sentiment that speaks to our habits as digital consumers and asks the non-musicians among us to be more respectful of the artist at work.

It’s a point worth remembering, especially as I present to you an MP3 from Flash Bang Grenada – Busdriver’s new project with Nocando. But this track, featuring their fellow Project Blowedian Open Mike Eagle, is hardly a throwaway.

When three of rap’s most progressive and self-aware MCs come together – over a spellbinding beat from Mono/poly – it’s going to take more than one listen (or five or 10 or more) to appreciate what’s happening here.

Flash Bang Grenada’s full-length 10 Haters comes out on Aug. 23.