The Broken West: eMusic Sessions

I’m not sure how many times I can hear the Broken West live without actually seeing them live. It’s starting to get frustrating. I demand they come back to Phoenix because I missed them the first time around.

The latest live “session” – it always sounds so much cooler when something is called a session – comes from eMusic, which has a five-song performance the Broken West performed at SXSW at a Clothing Store That Sells Overpriced Ironic T-Shirts So Kids Can Appear To Have Shopped at Thrift Stores. (We know, Jesus is your homeboy.)

Whatever, the set has five songs, including the pretty much undeniable Brass Ring and On the Bubble. eMusic has made Brass Ring available as a free download, so I’ll post it here. As for the other four, well, you’re on your own.

  • The Broken West | Brass Ring (eMusic Sessions)

The Broken West on KCRW.
The Broken West live at SXSW (mp3s).

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