Update on The Broken West: Big City live

Much to my surprise, guitarist/singer Ross Flournoy of the Broken West e-mailed me to say thanks for the posts and “featuring so much of our stuff.” Very cool.

He also mentioned that a fan recorded a show the band played recently in Seattle. Says Flournoy, “He had a super-pro set-up so the sound is incredible…I think it’s by far the best sounding live recording we’ve been able to get thus far.”

With that, he attached an mp3 of Big City from said show. They’ve made it available on MySpace, so I’ll just keep on spreading the goods.

Also, the band has picked up dates with the National for some West Coast dates in June. Closest they’re coming to Phoenix? San Diego on June 25 or Los Angeles on June 26. Road trip, anyone?

  • The Broken West | Big City (live in Seattle)

2 thoughts on “Update on The Broken West: Big City live”

  1. As a fan, who also missed them play here in Phoenix, I’ll thank you too for all of the posts about them. Definitely one of the most underrated releases so far this year.

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