The Broken West: Live at SXSW (mp3s)


For those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to go to South By Southwest and shmooze and drink and eat breakfast tacos and drink and eat barbecue and drink more, well, we live vicariously through the hundreds of wrap-ups and roundups of the event.

Luckily, some kind folks even provide audio. Like WOXY, which hosted its “Everybody Needs a Nurse” party, featuring the Broken West, Aqueduct and more.

The Broken West’s I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On (on Merge and available at eMusic) is gaining steam as my Record of the Moment (behind only El-P’s I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead). So it was great to see WOXY make available an mp3 from the group’s set, especially because I missed the Broken West come through Phoenix last month.

But when people talk about short sets at SXSW, I had no idea. This one doesn’t even reach 18 minutes. Nevertheless, I almost feel like I’m there … you know, except without Lone Star beer.

For convenience, I split the original file into individual files. Download the uncut version here. (On a side note, WOXY has a new blog, The Futurist.)

The Broken West, live at SXSW, 3/16/07:

  • On the Bubble
  • Big City
  • Slow
  • So It Goes
  • Brass Ring

8 thoughts on “The Broken West: Live at SXSW (mp3s)”

  1. I did go to SXSW, and did have the BBQ and beer (sometimes, alas, for what passed for breakfast), and I saw the Broken West the first night (on a bill that also included the Rosebuds and Spoon). I didn’t have my stopwatch, but I’m pretty sure it lasted more than 18 minutes. Anyway, I went into the thing liking them and left loving them. Great set, a clear highlight of the whole event. They, as people say, rock.

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