The Comeback: Big Slippa Mix by Ratatat

Ratatat is all the rage of late. Don’t believe me? Click. Click. Click. Click. So who am I not to ride the gravy train?

As soon as I saw all the posts, I went right for my vinyl collection, in which I have a 12″ of the Shout Out Louds’ fantastic The Comeback, (thanks to one very cool blogger). It includes the Big Slippa Mix by (who else?) Ratatat and Tommy Sunshine’s Radio Edit.

The Ratatat mix segues from stuttering guitar lines in the verse to stretched-out organ lines for the chorus. A really great transition, tense to loose. Tommy Sunshine’s Radio Edit mix is a little more clubby – push those BPMs and dance!

Now that I’m perusing Shout Out Louds’ Web site, looks like the Combines EP, which includes the Ratatat mix, is available in the UK and the iTunes music store here. More remixes (including one from Architecture in Helsinki) and a new track, I Meant to Call. You can stream ’em at the band’s Web site here. (Anyone in the UK wanna hook a Yankee up with the physical copy of the EP???)

Shout Out Louds | The Comeback (Big Slippa Mix by Ratatat)
Shout Out Louds | The Comeback (Tommy Sunshine’s Radio Edit)

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