The Cloud Room on the Current (3/26/06)

Saturday night is all sorts of busy in the Phoenix area. For starters, you got the Cloud Room opening for Muse at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. Over in Tempe at Marquee Theatre, Rob Dickinson (formerly of Catherine Wheel) is opening for the Church.

(Chromewaves has more on Rob Dickinson today, including this link to for an interview and a couple of live songs on video.)

But in an unbelievable alignment of the planets and stars, I got a Saturday night off and sourceVictoria happens to be playing. So Annie and I are headed to the Last Exit in Tempe for that.

After that, we’re headed to the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale for a guest DJ set by the Cloud Room at the ultra-hip club night Shake!, where the kids with the sweetest, most indie bangs come out to dance.

In honor, here’s a little radio rip of the Cloud Room from Minnesota Public Radio’s the Current back in March.

The Cloud Room, live on the Current, 3/26/06:

1. We Sleep in the Ocean
2. Eleanor (unreleased)
3. Hey Now Now

Pictures/recap of the Cloud Room in Phoenix (4/4/06)

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