The One AM Radio: Credible Threats


Now that Record Store Day is over, I’m revisiting all the exclusive releases to see what I missed and what I can still find.

First on the list is a 7-inch by The One AM Radio for the new song Credible Threats, which includes a Mae Shi remix on the B-side. The limited-edition record – only 500 copies were pressed – also comes with a download code for both tracks and a bonus remix by Jogger and (here’s the best part) 3-D glasses to watch the video for the song.

The group and Dangerbird Records has kindly offered a free download of the song, but you’ll have to buy the 7-inch to get the other goodies.

The One AM Radio played this track when we saw them open for Titus Andronicus last month at Chyro Arts, and it’s a pop charmer, full of paranoid visions right from the opening line: “I’m never sleeping, I’m too busy keeping track of all the ways they say I might die.” I’m already sold on the song, but according to the teaser video, Busdriver appears on the Mae Shi remix/cover. Should be well worth tracking down that 7-inch.

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