The Procussions

On Wednesday, the reunited Digable Planets return to Arizona for a show in Flagstaff. We’re debating about whether we’ll take the two-hour drive north for the show, which also costs a steep $25. Having already seen the DPs last summer, I’m not so hot on spending 25 bones. BUT … it is the Digable Planets.

Last summer’s excellent show was where I first heard about the Procussions, who opened that tour and apparently made such a good impression that they’re on the road with the DPs again. (Arizona’s own Drunken Immortals also are on the bill.)

I can vouch for the Procussions’ energetic live set, and the Colorado trio’s full-length As Iron Sharpens Iron is a lively throwback of emcee interplay and bouncing beats.

The Procussions are touring behind the news of a recent deal with Rawkus and expect to drop their next LP – 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents – early this year. All I can say is hallelujah for groups like the Procussions for revisiting hip-hop’s glory days without sounding stale or like copycats.

The Procussions | Wegotta
The Procussions | Make it Happen

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  1. thanks for showing some love to the Procussions. I’ve been a fan for a few years now. It’s nice to have good hip hop that my kids can listen to and I can enjoy. the wife tends to frown on playing M.O.P. and Freddie Foxxx around the kids, but the Procussions are great.

  2. Seriously I did, they opened for Cypress Hill on Halloween. The Latin Kings parked on the couches at Roseland protected me and my little friends. Except my boy lucas got robbed trying to buy weed. Maybe we were already pretty fucked up.

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