Cloud Cult on KEXP

Led by Minnesota farmer Craig Minowa, Cloud Cult produces nice music that would best be described using a long, hyphen addled word.

When Cloud Cult visited the KEXP studios for a live set, they stripped down some of the electronic elements of their sound and let the folk shine a little brighter. All in all, a nice recording of a band doing interesting things.

Cloud Cult, live on KEXP, 6/24/2005

1. As Long as You’re Happy
2. Bobby’s Spacesuit
3. Lights Inside My Head
4. Washed Your Car
5. Breakfast With My Shadow

One thought on “Cloud Cult on KEXP”

  1. No comments? My goodness, this is utterly wonderful. Thanks for keeping these tracks available so late comers to the party like me have a chance to hear it for themselves. Have you heard their Mr. Tamborine cover? — even more extraordinary.

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