The Rhinestone Cowboy and hip-hop goodies

I couldn’t pass up this gem in the Chicago Tribune on Arizona’s most-famous drunk driver, Glen Campbell:

By Monica Eng
Chicago Tribune

I call Glen Campbell earlier this month at his Malibu home and find out it’s a day of celebration. It’s the day he gets to remove the Intoxalock
from his car.

“Whoever invented that thing should be hit upside the head with a crowbar — or at least a cane or a pool cue,” the country icon growls over the phone, referring to the Breathalyzer-type device linked to a car’s ignition system that he had to blow into to start his car. “You know it’s not even technically legal, but they do a lot of things differently there in Arizona.” …

Yes, we do — like post on the weekends. But, Glen, some would say a blood-alcohol level of more than .15 and leaving the scene of an accident is “not even technically legal.” (The story goes on to explain that Glen has since moved to Malibu, Calif.)

Really, this post has nothing to do with Glen Campbell, but I couldn’t resist. Too funny.

Anyway, any regular readers (insert laugh track here) of this space know I’m a fan of hip-hop. And I’m challenging my man Chris (the fourth member of Digable Planets) at Gorilla vs. Bear to post some more hip-hop and I promise to do the same. After all, we can’t be all indie all the time, right?

That said, I’ve uncovered, which has a veritable trove of songs you can stream. Using Audio Hijack Pro, I’m trying to clean up the tracks, which have a bit of a tinny sound to them. (Lemme know how the audio sounds on these.)

So, for you weekend readers, here’s a little treat. Pay special attention to the Cocoa Brovaz Super Brooklyn, which uses Super Mario Bros. music as the sampled loop. It’s, um, dope.

Cocoa Brovaz: Super Brooklyn
D-Nice: Call Me D-Nice
Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz: Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)

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