“The robots eat me song”

This post is dedicated to my awesome 2-year-old niece Quinn, who astounded me on Christmas with her indie prowess.

My wife and I bought Quinn an iZ toy for Christmas. iZ is a robot that plays music with rhythms and beats that you can change by turning his ears and pressing various buttons. Plus, you can hook an iPod up to iZ then add sound effects to the song selection; sometimes iZ talks, too. Pretty neat. Anyway, we hook the iPod up and play Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, an apropos song for a robot toy, I’d say. To my astonishment, Quinn starts singing along with Wayne Coyne; she calls it the “robots eat me song.” She even gave a little “hey, hey!” right after the line, “she’s a black belt in karate.”

We promptly decided that iZ would be renamed to Yoshimi. So here’s a live version of Yoshimi from the Future Soundtrack for America compilation.

The Flaming Lips | Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (live on BBC)

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