Battle: Player-hatin’ the Strokes?

Did everyone have a good Christmas? (Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish readers; I’m half-Jewish, for those who didn’t know.) Anyway, my wife got me one of these. Sweet! We are an iPod-friendly home.
On with the music … Admittedly, I know nothing about Battle. In fact, I’m not even sure how I came across this band from London. But, I did take notice of their tentative title to their album due for release in 2006: Our First Impressions of Earth Were Before Yours. So, maybe I’m a dummy, but this seems like a direct knock at the Strokes’ album First Impressions of Earth. Even Battle’s Web site says: “… Then it’s all about finishing our record (provisionally titled ‘Our First Impressions Of Earth Were Before Yours’ – pending lawsuits).”

Anyone know anything about this? Nevertheless, here’s a single Battle made available for download on its site.

Battle | Wicked Owl

4 thoughts on “Battle: Player-hatin’ the Strokes?”

  1. Possibly. They toured with Beans and Prefuse 73 this past year and they are a combination of people from other bands including the drummer from Helmet who sits right in the middle of the stage with his crash literally 7 feet high.

  2. Oh. That dissapoints me. They released a few very good singles – Isabelle/Feel The Same in about April and I’m pretty sure Demons/Damascus is released – so I was looking forward to any full length release… though this just sounds silly.

    Then again, maybe they’re not actually going to name their CD that and that it is just a one-off joke. That would be better.

    I mean, the Offspring are/were not adding anything funny.

  3. If you read the website I think that they’re just having a joke…

    pretty sure.

    wicked owls a download single. I think that the albums coming out in 2006 at some point…

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