The Stop the Violence Movement: Self-Destruction

Once I discovered the blog/photo journal of old-school rapper D-Nice, I couldn’t help but click through his archives. He was (is) one of my favorite rap artists. I came across one of his posts about the single Self-Destruction, a track recorded under the Stop the Violence Movement that featured some serious hip-hop heavyweights from the East Coast and was produced by D-Nice at the tender age of 18. (Read his post for more on that.)

Anyway, it got me digging into my vinyl because I own the 12″ single and I thought I’d revive it here. Recorded in 1989, it seems pretty incredible (perhaps in a sad way) that the track still carries a worthwhile message. I didn’t find a whole lot about it on the Internet, other than this one line at Wikipedia that tells how the Stop the Violence Movement originated. You might also remember the West Coast All-Stars’ similar project We’re All in the Same Gang. (If anyone has this, I’d love to hear it again.)

Besides the strong message it carries, Self-Destruction is just a great song with a singable chorus. And all proceeds of the record were donated to National Urban League “to support and develop programming dealing with Black on Black crime and youth education” (taken from record cover).

Here’s a rundown of the emcees (in order they appear):
KRS-One, M.C. Delight, Kool Moe Dee, M.C. Lyte, Daddy-O and Wise, D-Nice, Ms. Melodie, Doug E. Fresh, Just-Ice, Heavy D., Fruit-Kwan, Chuck D and Flavor Flav.

I’ve included three of the four mixes from the single (excluded the “single edit”). Still trying to decipher the difference between the “extended mix” and the “special remix.”

Stop the Violence Movement | Self-Destruction (extended mix)
Stop the Violence Movement | Self-Destruction (special remix)
Stop the Violence Movement | Self-Destruction (instrumental)

5 thoughts on “The Stop the Violence Movement: Self-Destruction”

  1. Hell, Yeah ! I remember this well, but never had the single & remixes. Thanks for postin’ it as a great follow-up the the D-Nice post. This reminds me of Kool Moe Dee’s Rise ‘n’ Shine single/remixes from around ’91 i think (feat. a great Sly Stone Stand! sample). KRS One and Chuck were guest MCs on that jam (in the video all three were giving a press conference). So, hey if YOU have that old Kool Moe Dee single and gets a jonze to post it — go for it!

    thanks again.

  2. i’m actually listening to the song right now at this very moment and it’s bringing back some hardcore memories!

  3. Man, I have been looking for this for YEARS I was telling one of my younger relatives about this song and the difference between the sense of responsiblity exhibited by hip hop artists from when I was a teenager versus those of today but I could never find anyone with the song. Thanks a million.

  4. Thanks for posting this song. I heard it on the radio a few weeks ago and man it gave me chills. Why can’t rap be like this today. Anyway, thanks. It was a hard find.

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