The Sun

One of my favorite pastimes is reading liner notes. Before the advent of mp3 blogs, that was the best way (in my opinion) to discover new bands. I figure if a band whose CD I purchased is thanking This Other Band in the liner notes, This Other Band must be good.

So what’s my point? I was checking tour dates for the Shout Out Louds, who are coming to (gasp!) Tucson on Nov. 22 but not Phoenix. (Get yer tickets.) One of the opening bands is The Sun, so I thought I should check ’em out. With a little digging I found some info:

>>It’s a quintet from Columbus, Ohio.
>>Their debut release, Blame it on the Youth, is supposedly the world’s first DVD album: 14 songs with a video for every damn one of them.
>>You can put yourself in one of their videos for Romantic Death, an interactive experience if you upload a photo. Do it here.
>>They have a My Space page here.
>>You may or may not be able to download two unreleased albums by the band here.
>>You probably will like them.

The Sun | Do You Really Want Me
The Sun | The Song I Committed Suicide To

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