The Twilight Sad: free acoustic EP

I’m not sure acoustic versions of Twilight Sad songs actually get the point across of Twilight Sad songs. The sonic pummeling of distortion and feedback is all part of the experience, especially live.

That’s not to say the songs can’t stand on their own without that. James Graham certainly writes powerful lyrics with a voice that can carry them in most any setting. Personally, I just love how their epic sound moves the needle, sonically and emotionally.

But, hey, see for yourself because the Scottish outfit is offering a seven-track acoustic EP for the small cost of your email address at its blog (or in that little widget below that sometimes takes awhile to load).

1. I Became a Prostitute
2. Interrupted
3. Seven Years of Letters
4. Suck (The Wedding Present cover)
5. That Birthday Present
6. The Neighbours Can’t Breathe
7. The Wrong Car

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