Trunk Federation: Recipe for Mud

Sometimes I don’t catch reader comments until they’ve long left the main page. That’s the case here, when a reader named Clodbuster was jonesing for a B-side of a Trunk Federation 7″ I posted about in September.

Quick recap: Trunk Federation from Tempe. Should have been big. Weren’t. Sad. 7″ in dollar bin at Amoeba. Read more here.

Recipe for Mud is the B-side to the Hi-Fi for Small Fry 7″, which includes History of Dead Ends on the A-side. Why these guys weren’t popular when Gin Blossoms were is a question that never can be answered.

Here’s both tracks. Enjoy, especially you, Clodbuster.

Trunk Federation | History of Dead Ends
Trunk Federation | Recipe for Mud

Tim Fite resuscitates Trunk Federation.

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