Turning 28 is fun

So, I turned 28 on Wednesday and my awesome wife put together a little throwdown last night at one of our favorite bars in town, Rosie McCaffrey’s. I’m paying for it today. Now, I know this is an mp3 blog, but we got some good pics and I thought I’d share. If you look hard enough, I’ve sprinkled a few tunes throughout.

And for any of my friends who are reading this, thanks for coming out! Jay and Carrie hooked me up with a gift certificate to Stinkweeds, and Angie and Chris got me a gift that, in Chris’ words, is tits. (You’ll see.) On with the pictures …

There’s my wife Annie in what we call the money shot.

That’s me. Rock ‘n’ roll forever.

Dave, Jay and Carrie smile pretty.
MP3: Pep Love (of Hieroglyphics) | Family and Friends

Jessica and Royce enjoy the drinkies.

My man Chris cops a feel on a total stranger.OK, no. That’s his girlfriend Angie.

Angie and Chris brought me back this beautiful mug from Florida.”It’s tits,” Chris said.
MP3: Living Legends | Fill My Drink

Monica gives her husband Angel the bird. Royce thinks that’s funny.

Dan smokes a stogie.

Darren moves in on my wife.

Chris bought me a jager bomb — a jager shot dropped into Red Bull.
MP3: Alejandro Escovedo | I Was Drunk

6 thoughts on “Turning 28 is fun”

  1. Excellent! Happy Birthday, glad it was a fun time!! Can’t wait to do it at ACL! !!!!Just throwing some more in!!!!! I’m a douche.

  2. Hey man! Happy Birthday again. The CD is awesome and night was tits. Not much ass but tits alright. The OK. Go show kicked ass and the closing choreographed dance was something to see. I blame you for feeling I have to check this damn blog everyday now.


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