Two b-sides: Death Cab and Bloc Party

Wow. A man doesn’t post for one night, and the traffic takes a noticeable drop. OK, I get it. I can take a hint. Sheesh.

Anyway, my new cartridge/stylus came in the mail last week from KAB, a great and helpful resource for all things phonograph. At the advice of KAB’s guru, I picked up the Stanton Discmaster II, which is modified with a hi-fi elliptical stylus, for my Technics 1200. Yes, I’ve totally geeked out.

But this comes with benefits for you, like more vinyl-to-mp3 conversions. The new cartridge/stylus combo is a big improvement in sound. The only downside is some of the pops and clicks seem more pronounced.

That said, here are the first two conversions with the new setup. The first is from a Soul Meets Body 45 that I got as a random freebie at my local Zia. The second is the b-side to a 12″ single for Bloc Party’s Tulips, which was part of an excellent birthday gift from my brother and his wife.

Death Cab for Cutie | Jealousy Rides With Me
Bloc Party | Tulips (club version)

6 thoughts on “Two b-sides: Death Cab and Bloc Party”

  1. just stumbled on by…
    very cool blog. love the format and the sharing. our musical tastes run similar. we might have bumped into each other at ACLF this year, even.

    kevin (bigshoulders)

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